Our expertise

ESMIA offers expert services in the development and application of 3E optimization models (Energy-Economy-Environment) for strategic decision making at local, regional, national and global scales.

ESMIA consultants specialize in the development of MARKAL/TIMES integrated energy models MARKAL/TIMES and provide a full range of support services to our clients for setting up their own unique model or leveraging off of existing models.

  • Learning modeling techniques
  • Analyzing energy systems, markets and technologies
  • Building energy balances and other databases
  • Exploring calibration approaches
  • Analyzing results
  • Managing user interfaces

Having a comprehensive knowledge of integrated energy systems and their potential long term evolution, ESMIA consultants assist our clients by analyzing and resolving a large variety of energy related challenges.

    • Effects of oil prices on energy demand and supply
    • Market integration and electricity prices
    • Capacity expansion or retrofit investment planning
    • Impacts of new infrastructure projects (pipelines, interconnexions, refineries, etc.)
    • Availability of new fuels (next generation biofuels, shale oil, tight gas, etc.)
    • Viability of new projects under different possible energy futures or cost assumptions.
    • Role and competitiveness of emerging technologies on markets (roadmap)
    • Cost-effective distributed generation projects
    • Complex interactions between factors affecting energy supply and demand
    • Analyse du marché du gaz naturel liquéfié
    • Energy security supply issues
    • Techno-economic potentials for energy savings
    • Prospective life cycle analysis (LCA)

Benefiting from many years of experience in consultation for multiple stakeholders, ESMIA consultants provides a uniquely qualified team with top-level research and strategic analytical capabilities to deliver rigorous analysis, propose customized recommendations to address critical issues and help decision makers meet their targets.

    • Long term energy policy planning under different possible socio-economic futures
    • Economic impacts of global climate agreements
    • Economic impacts of national GHG mitigation targets
    • Cost optimal mix of energy and/or climate policies
    • Impacts of new regulations (efficiency standards, biofuel mandates, etc.)
    • Impacts of fuel taxes or subsidies
    • Optimal greenhouse gas mitigation strategies
    • Cost evaluation of carbon taxes and multiregional emission permit trading systems.
    • Policy design for the development of clean electricity and renewable energies
    • Externality associated with energy or carbon control policies
    • Costs associated with social choices
Our clients

Our robust analyses, compelling recommendations and superior communication skills are adapted to targeted audiences including elected officials, business leaders, technical experts, scientists and/or consumers.

    • Energy Producers
    • Utilities
    • Technology Promoters and Developers
    • Investment Banks
    • Industry Associations
    • Governmental Departments
    • Governmental Agencies
    • Research Institutes, Chairs and Laboratories
    • Public interest organisations