Cutting-edge expertise in

(Energy – Economy – Environment)

integrated system modelling.

Decision support based on a rigorous scientific approach and guided by sophisticated mathematical models.

«We are the only firm that benefits from a detailed optimization model for North America, allowing us to determine least-cost solutions to achieve energy and climate objectives without compromising economic growth.»

– Esmia Consultants


3E (energy-economy-environment) integrated system modelling

Development of techno-economic optimization models for a resilient and sustainable energy future

Analysis of complex long-term energy and climate issues

Economic and environmental analysis of energy and climate strategies using optimization models

Training and support: Building capacity for future modellers

Development support for new optimization models and familiarization with existing large-scale models

Esmia is also fostering NATEM, its own integrated optimization model for the comprehensive analysis of energy and climate policies in North America.


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