Canadian Energy Outlook 2018—Horizon 2050

Client : Trottier Energy Institute (IET), Polytechnique Montréal and e3 Hub, HEC Montréal—Canada

Period : 2017–2018

Description : The first in a series of versions to come, this Canadian Energy Outlook fills a need to provide decision support to agency, government and company managers in the energy sector. While global energy outlooks are not detailed enough for Canada, no other Canadian energy outlook includes least-cost mitigation scenarios allowing Canada to reach its climate targets. NATEM, the only detailed multi-regional optimization model for Canada, is used to describe the evolution of Canadian energy systems and to examine the impact of delivering various mitigation objectives for the country as a whole as well as for each province individually. Since Canada aims now to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, such energy outlooks have become even more crucial to examine the transformation required to achieve these even more ambitious goals.