Developing global best pratice decision support model for an optimal development of the Canadian forest sector for climate change mitigation and economic growth

Client : Canadian Forest Service—Natural Resources Canada (CFS-NRCan)

Period : 2019—ongoing

Description : ESMIA is involved in the conceptualization of a rigorous decision-support framework to help Canada become a global leader in the development of forest bio-products for climate change mitigation and economic growth. Defining optimal strategies regarding the future role of the forest sector requires special refinements in integrated and dynamic energy system models such as NATEM. ESMIA is collaborating with CFS to:

1- represent biomass resources and harvesting strategies at the forest management unit level,
2- model multiple conversion pathways into pulp and paper products, lumber and timber, biofuels and bio-products, and
3- soft link with a Carbon Budget Model for a dynamic carbon accounting method based on state-of-the-art forest bioscience.