Building capacity to develop an optimization energy model and analyze climate policy scenarios for Mexico

Client : Fundación IDEA and UK Embassy in Mexico for the Secretaría of Energía de México [Mexico’s Ministry of Energy] (SENER)

Period : 2014–2015

Description : This project involved the development of an optimization model that represents, in detail, the Mexican energy system and how the model can be used to analyze energy and climate policy scenarios jointly with local partners. Over a year, ESMIA’s consultants coordinated the model development and provided multiple one-week training sessions to the local modelling team, covering all of the steps involved in building a TIMES model from scratch: data collection and organization, theory and modelling techniques, user interface features, result interpretation and decarbonization scenario calibration. Each training module was personalized with local content for a very efficient and robust model development process. Technical assistance was provided throughout the project for a successful transfer of the model and its detailed instructions to the Ministry of Energy.