3E modelling with NATEM

Modelling hydrogen’s potential across multiple sectors of the Canadian economy and Biennial Hydrogen Strategy Report for Canada


Natural Resources Canada (Canada)

Natural Resources Canada’s 2021 Hydrogen Strategy aimed to develop a strategy that will set Canada on the path to meet our climate change goals of becoming net-zero by 2050 and position Canada as a world-leading producer, user and exporter of clean hydrogen, and associated technologies.

Updated modeling is part of the Hydrogen Strategy Implementation Progress Report to capture the evolution of opportunities for low carbon solutions, such as hydrogen. Advancements in technologies combined with more stringent climate objectives and policies of Federal and Provincial/ Territorial governments and increased ambition from the private sector and municipal government may lead to more potential for hydrogen uptake.

ESMIA is using NATEM to provide updated modeling that will help governments and the private sector to explore their potential contributions to advancing the hydrogen strategy. This will be accomplished through reviewing the research approach and assumptions with experts, opening the dialogue on the research pathways to multiple stakeholders, and providing engaging and clear presentations, reports and results.

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